Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yesterday we came in and saw Aili for a little bit. She was doing good. Then we went home and saw Taryn, Connor & my Mom. We decorated the Christmas tree and ate dinner together. I hadn't seen the kids in 2 weeks, because they had been sick. Clay had gone down there a few times though. Anyways, we had a nice time and the kids enjoyed seeing us. Here are some pictures!

Aili is doing well today. She is a little more swollen today than yesterday. She also had some blood in her urine today. So they are watching those things. They want her to get the extra fluid off, but they also can't give her too much lasix (a med. to make her urinate more), because that can hurt her kidneys. So it's a fine line of what they can give her. So for now they are working on that. Otherwise she is doing great. They are weaning her off of Nitric Oxide and she is doing well with that.

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