Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting closer to chest closure!

Clay & are I feeling a little under the weather today, so we didn't get to visit Aili. We think we ate something bad yesterday, but are waiting it out to make sure. Anyways, I did go in for about an hour, because I had to get more bottles. Aili was doing good. They put in one more tube to help drain some extra fluid. They found some extra fluid in her right side of the chest. After they put the tube in and checked it later, all of the fluid was gone. She is peeing out about twice what they are giving her, which is helping the extra fluid in her body get out. There had been NO blood in her urine today, which we are VERY happy about, since there had been some yesterday. All of her levels were great today. So everything is looking good. The nurse said they may close her chest tomorrow and one of the cardiac doctors told me in a day or maybe Wednesday.

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