Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aili is doing good as usual. Her stats are good :). The only thing that has changed is they had started her on breast milk. Well then the fluid that is in her chest turned a milky color, indicating that her lymph nodes were leaking this other fluid. I guess that means that the pressure in her chest is causing extra pressure on one of her veins. Because of that pressure she can't process the fat in breast milk. (Or something like that...we don't understand it fully). So they started her on some kind of special formula that doesn't have that kind of fat in it. I was pretty upset about that at first and it does still bug me, but I can't do anything about it. She will be able to have breast milk in time, but for now the formula is better for her.

They have been slowly lowering some of her things. Like they lowered her morphine today by a little. And every couple of days they have lowered her ventilator a little.

Tonight she did throw up twice within a few minutes. They think it may have been because they had just finished moving her around, which may have upset her or it could be because they changed her from breast milk to formula to another formula within the last 2 days. So they are just watching her to see what caused it, so they can change it. One of her stats did go down after it. It was one that indicates how deep her breathes are...they went from a 4-6 to a 1-3. But after a little while to calm down and a little suctioning she went right back to normal and she is doing fine.

So overall everything is going good and we are still making progress. I will post some pictures later like I already promised!

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  1. That's great, sounds like she is doing wonderful!