Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Fontan - My Amazing Girl!

Aili Rae had her Fontan on Monday the 18th. We had to show up at 6 am. She went into surgery around 8:30 and was done by about 11:30. She did amazing! She was extubated that night!! On the 20th we got moved out of the CICU and into the HKU (Heart Kidney Unit, the hospitals step down unit). Then we went home on the 22nd!!! I have to say that Aili is AMAZING! I've never heard of anyone going home from a Fontan that fast! She was only at the hospital 4.5 days and that 1/2 a day was us waiting for a pharmacy to deliver her meds. She is healing great! We have our first follow up appt on Friday.

Right out of surgery....

Feeling OK...resting & petting her new panda!

Out of the CICU!!

On our way home :)

Feel free to pass this around! I hope that it can give others hope for their little ones!