Monday, December 29, 2008

No more Chest Tube : )

Yesterday Aili had her chest tube taken out : ) They did an x-ray a while later to check and see how everything looked and it was great!! She did great all day! I don't think she even spit up. She is on a higher calorie formula and had 14cc's an hour through her NG tube. On Friday we started dipping her paci in the formula and then giving it to her. She seems to be getting better at it and tries to suck. The nurse thought that since she has gotten better and seems so interested that she will be ready for the binky trainer or even a bottle today! So we will see when we go in. It seems like she is getting better everyday. We are hoping to go home soon. I think all Aili has to do is get off of her morphine and get feeding down then we are home free. They will do another x-ray today to check for fluid to make sure she is doing good without the chest tube. That is all for now and I will update more later :)