Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aili is out of surgery!

Aili is out of surgery. She is doing pretty well. She had a little complication. I'm not sure if I will explain this right, because I'm not even sure if I understand it right. Her oxygen levels were too low after they finished with the main part of the surgery. Also her blood pressure wasn't where they wanted it to be. So they put her on a ECMO machine ( They think her levels were too low because her lungs had too much oxygen before her surgery which resulted in her vessels constricting and causing low levels. So they have her on this machine to help increase her oxygen levels. She is doing really well on it and in general right now though. They have actually turned it down a lot and turned down her ventilator too. Hopefully she will only be on it a few days and her lungs will be fine. If she doesn't get better there may be another cause, and they will have to do other stuff to figure out what it is.
The doctor said that her heart is good and there was no problems there. So we are just waiting and seeing. Thanks for all of the prayers & positive thoughts!
If anyone wants to see pictures of her I can email them to you. But they are pretty scary, which is why they aren't posted for everyone to see.

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