Friday, December 12, 2008

Aili's off ECMO!!!

OK I will start from yesterday (12/11/08). They did a trial off of ECMO in the morning. She did really well. It was about a 30 minute trial. In the middle of the day they did a second trial for about an hour, which wasn't as good. They weren't sure why, so they got an x-ray, to make sure she didn't have a collapsed lung, since her O2 stats weren't as good. The x-ray came back fine. So they did a third trial which was in between the two. Her stats for that one were in the 70's. Since it had been so back and forth that day they decided to keep her on the ECMO for the rest of the day and do another heart cath. today.

So today they did the heart cath. and found that her sano tube was a little narrowed at the end closest to the heart. So they fixed that and then did another trial. She did great so they took her off ECMO. She just got back to her room and her stats are in the 80's!!! We are really happy with the progress.

Here is Aili off of ECMO!!

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