Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates for 12/9 &12/10

Update 12/9
They are going to try and wean her off the ECMO tonight/tomorrow. They are going to start at midnight and slowly work off of it. They will be doing an Echocardiogram in the morning. And depending on how she does when coming off of the ECMO they will do a Heart Catheterization. I will update when I know how that goes. Let's hope and pray that we can continue to move forward and get closer to coming home.

They slowly weaned her off of the ECMO this morning. She did pretty good and she stayed off of it for an hour. Her stats went down some, but with some medicines they went back to where they wanted them. They decided to leave her on ECMO for the rest of today and will most likely take her off of it tomorrow morning. They will wean her again tonight and then do a trial again in the morning.

Otherwise she did great today and we are just waiting for day at a time!


  1. Keeping Aili and your family in my thoughts! Prayers that she'll be home really soon!