Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Glenn Procedure

Aili is in surgery right now. We are at the hospital waiting for her to be finished. We packed up practically the whole house yesterday and drove up to Seattle. The Ronald McDonald House didn't have any room but medicaid (para transit) is paying for a hotel. Aili qualified for medicaid because she was in the hospital for more than 30 consecutive days. Anyways, we got up here pretty late. We got to our room which was really small. it just barely had enough room for the 2 full size beds, so Clay was smart enough to tell me to go ask the guys if they had anything bigger available. They did so we got it and para transit would still pay for it. Now we have a room with two queen beds and plenty of room for all our luggage and Taryn's playpen. Plus it has a full kitchen in the room (plates, utensils, stove, mini fridge, microwave, dishwasher, sink)!!! So we are happy with it!

We had to stop feeding Aili last night/this morning at 4 am. She took it pretty well, but wasn't the happiest. We showed up at the hospital at 11 am today & we were told that they had to push the surgery time back because the case before us was taking longer than expected. Although it sucked to have poor Aili not get to eat for even longer we understood that those things happen and know the other parents must have been stressed out! With Aili's first surgery instead of the normal maybe 4-5 hours she was back there for 12! So they told us to come back 1pm. We went and got a bite to eat and ran a few errands, like the bank & got some diapers from the hotel, and then we came back. We signed back in and got her stats. I wiped her down with a special wipe & got her dressed in her hospital gown, which she looks adorable in! So we waited in that room for a long time. During that time we talked to the surgeon, some nurses & the anesthesiologists. It wasn't too bad of a wait, the kids stayed entertained with some toys we brought & a movie in the room. Aili was just tired & hungry, which she finally fell asleep and got a little cat nap in. They came and got Aili at about 3:30. Then they started to prep work, anesthesia getting IV's in, etc. They paged us at 5:30pm to let us know they had begun the actual surgery. They just recently paged us at about 7:30pm and said she was off of the bypass machine and they were doing good. So I guess they are just finishing up the surgery and will let us know.

While we waited we got some coffee downstairs, played in the playroom, got some dinner at the cafeteria, brought Aili's stuff to her room & now we are in the Family room on the computers (updating the blog, paying a bill, etc.).

So I will update again when I get a chance : ) Hopefully I can post some pictures on the next post!


  1. I hope her surgery is sucessful and uneventful! You have one tough little girl!

  2. Let me know if I can do anything. Mant prayers coming your way.

  3. Hope all went well with the surgery. I was hoping for an update before I left for work, will check when I get hope.
    My prayers are with you.