Friday, February 13, 2009

Weight Gain and NG Tube

At our appt. this week Aili was 3.7 kilos, which is 8 pounds 14 3 POUNDS up from her birth weight : ). She is looking fatter and doing good. She had been spitting up during/after her feeds, so the doctor said that if she spit up for 3 or more of her feeds to try taking the tube out and see how she does with the bottle. So yesterday morning on the 12th, we took the tube out and she did great all day and night. She did good today too. She has only spit up once since we took it out, where to day before taking it out she spit up 4 of the 5 feeds (she slept through the other one). So for now no tube and we a re still gaining weight! I made her a shirt for tomorrow, so I will put some pictures up!

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