Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctor Appt. & Pictures

We had another appointment for Aili today. She gained weight again. She was 3.55 7.8 pounds. Everything else was good too. We are going up on her night feeds. Now she will get 27 ml per hour over night.

Clay after nose surgery....

Aili in her pretty new outfit with her new blanket : )

Taryn in some big girl panties : )


  1. I love Taryn's big girl boy shorts!! How cute! and yay for weight gain!

  2. Kiersten, way to go getting Taryn in big girl panties! I have several of the plastic covers for those panties if you want them. also, I am going thru Tobbie's clothes to get rid of some of them and was curious what size Taryn is. Our clothes only go up to 24 months, but if she hasn't passed Tobbie in the size department, you are welcome to them. Let me know.