Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gearing up for Aili's Birthday!

So we are getting ready for Aili's first birthday! What a special birthday?! It's amazing to think this time last year I was majorly pregnant and going to tons of appts. It seems like we went to a million appts. too. I remember having at least 3 appts. every week for weeks! Anyways, so I have been coming up with ideas for Aili's party. We have a theme, a cake set-up & party favors. Her birthday is November 25th, but we will be having her party on Thanksgiving, that is when everyone is able to get together. Clay is coming back from Iraq for his R&R for this : ). We are all getting excited. I am trying to get Aili ready to eat some birthday cake too. Well I need to clean my house...

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  1. That is so exciting. It is such a wonderfully special birthday for your whole family.