Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Again!

We are home again! We got home on Monday night. So Aili was only in the hospital for 6 days!! WOW! She is such a strong girl! She is doing great and healing well. She is pretty much back to her normal self, she rolls sometimes, hangs out & plays. She has been pretty darn cranky lately. We're not sure if she is in pain or what. I don't think she is in pain, because the hospital gave her pain meds on Sunday night and hadn't needed to since. I have given her tylenol a few times, to see if that helps. Well we are super bust as usual! I will post some pictures soon when I have a free minute!


  1. Welcome home sweet girl and way to go on being super strong!!!

  2. Welcome home!! I hope she continues to thrive, sounds like you've got a little fighter on your hands...she's not going to be down and out for long!