Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swallow Study

I brought Aili in for her swallow study today. They use something called barium and put it in her formula ( They tried the formula as 'nectar' thick and it showed that she was aspirating a little. So then we tried 'honey' thick with a larger nipple. It was really hard for her to get any formula out. Even with this thickness she still aspirated some. So they said that we need to do all of her feeds through the NG tube for another month. Our next swallow study will be on March 6th (the day after Clay's birthday). We are supposed to have her suck on her paci while she is 'feeding' so that she will associate sucking with her stomach getting full. This will also help strengthen her sucking. The speech therapist also said that I could pump and that after I am done pumping I can put Aili to my breast which will also help her get batter at sucking.

So another month at least of NG feeds and lugging around equiptment.

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